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Beautiful bracelet

Beautiful bracelet but the color in the photo seems different from the real thing

Beautiful bracelet

Very fast delivery, and I am very happy with the bracelet, did not deliver on time, but customer service went to find out why it took so long, great!! Always feedback by email.
Thanks Ria

Minimalist bracelet for dad

My father wears the double bracelet and is very pleased with it. Gluing to make the bracelet the right size was easy to do. I would advise heating the rope end with a lighter when gluing. Then it becomes hard and goes in easily.


Fast and beautiful delivery

Mala 'Xinyi' Buddhist prayer bracelet

Personalized gift box + own text
Marianne Echtermeijer

Personalized gift box

This bracelet really exceeds my expectations

I am absolutely enchanted with my new frozen beaded bracelet! This bracelet really exceeds my expectations and is without a doubt more beautiful than my previous shiny beaded tiger eye bracelet.

The first thing you notice about this frozen bead bracelet is the cool matte look and is therefore not too dominant on my wrist.

Photo instead of paw print turned out really beautiful!

Became a very special bracelet. 5 stars!! 😁😁😁

Good quality and durable

Good quality

Beautiful bracelets

Very nice bracelets for a reasonable price. Engraving is nicely done. Top

extremely satisfied with my purchase of the fingerprint engraving bracelet

The fact that I could provide my own fingerprint to engrave made the whole process even more special. I felt like I added a part of myself to this bracelet, which makes wearing it all the more rewarding.

Beautiful Fingerprint Engraving on Double Braided Bracelet

I am absolutely enchanted with my recent purchase of the Fingerprint Engraving on Double Braided Leather Bracelet. Not only does this bracelet have exquisite craftsmanship, but the personal touch of the fingerprint engraving makes it truly unique and special.

Very satisfied

Super nice gift for my daughter

Classic TimberWood (Walnut + Stainless Steel) - Wooden bracelet

Very nice bracelets of good quality


I accidentally measured wrong.
Now the bracelet is 4 beads too big.
How can I solve this?
Regards Jaap

Very nice!

Very beautiful and also delivered super fast despite personal engraving and packaging. Really nice and happy with it! Thank you!

satisfied customer

Beautiful bracelet received in a nice personalized box.
Fully met my expectation. My husband was pleasantly surprised.

Ladies magnet bracelet - 99,8% Copper with Rhinestone


Good and fast delivery


Good service and a nice product!

beautiful poem placed on the bracelet

😍 I'm completely in love with my new bracelet with my own poem engraved on it!
💖 The Wide Stainless Steel Wooden bracelet feels sturdy and of high quality.
✨ The engraving is perfectly executed, with great attention to detail. Thank you !!!

Neptune 'Ocean Jasper' - Beaded bracelet

am happy with it

thanks for the bracelet with the magnetix magnets

Very happy with the beaded bracelet

🌟🐯 Really great find! The Trio Tiger Eye bracelet 🌟🐯 has the perfect combination of yellow tiger eye, falcon eye (blue) and bull eye (red) beads. The colors are vibrant and the different shades add a powerful look. ⚖️ The beads are beautifully finished and the elastic band ensures a comfortable fit. This bracelet has become my perfect accessory whenever I need some positive energy and confidence! 💪🌈